Round brilliant polished diamonds.

What makes a diamond beautiful and what makes it sparkle? GARRY HOLLOWAY offers advanced information for those with an existing understanding of diamond properties on how to choose a beautiful diamond. For a more basic run-down on selecting a diamond, click here: Buying A Diamond.

A diamond’s appearance is mostly a result of the way it has been cut and, unfortunately, “cut” is the Cinderella of the 4Cs; most diamonds are ‘Cut for Carats’ not for beauty. Anyone looking for a truly beautiful diamond will need to have a more in-depth knowledge so they learn to avoid some pitfalls.


Carat is the simplest and most objective of the 4Cs. Pop a diamond on the scales, if it weighs 0.2gm then it is a 1.00 carat diamond. A quarter carat is often called 25 points.

Everyone knows more carat weight means more cost. But what often surprises people is that BIG diamonds are very rare – double the weight costs around 4 times more. And the magic 1.00-carat weight, D colour flawless costs 1.7times more than a 99 point or 0.99-carat D flawless.




neck1Stone setting is one of the more common bench procedures today. This article will help you evaluate the craftsmanship related a popular stone setting style: bright and bead setting.

You’ll be better prepared to identify needed stone setting repairs and have the knowledge and confidence to discuss repair options in a way that builds a customer’s trust and loyalty.

Bead and bright setting creates such amazing glitter and sparkle that it is often difficult to see where a gemstone ends and brilliant metal begins. The process sets stones even with the surface of the metal by raising metal beads to secure the stones in place.

Frequently used for smaller sized diamonds and gemstones, bead and bright setting can be done in strips or over large areas of metal.

To create bead and bright setting (sometimes referred to as bead and bright-cut), gemstones are positioned table down on metal, so that they are spaced about a half a stone’s diameter apart. The jeweler marks their position for the drilling of a seat.

The seat must be cut to the exact diameter of the




david-yurman-ring-WP-Diamonds-articleUnderstand Brand Equity

Brand equity is partially built on the brand’s promise, the somewhat unspoken statement of “Best in Class.” Combining years of delivering their wares with a consistent high level and staying true to their mission statement, whether written or implied, brands build equity. In turn this equity helps command generally higher prices, which feed the aspirational desires of the consumer.

If you’re thinking of making a purchase in the jewelry arena, the brands that rank high with consumers are Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, and the like. As you read the names of these famous retailers, their brand equity pops up without prompting. In the back of your mind you probably have a vision of a robin’s egg blue box or the red box of Cartier…Brand Equity!

Beyond the quality of the product, what these luxury retailers provide is the marketing message to support their image. Here is where packaging is their silent salesman. If you’ve been allured by the history, the quality and design of the product, the luxurious environment, and the pride of ownership, then you’ve been branded. Don’t get me wrong, I’m

Best Loan Options for People with Bad Credit

Many people with bad credit will surely think it seriously when they need some loans. That is because the people with bad credit will find it hard to get the loan. However, there are still some nice options that you can consider even if you have the bad credit and you need a loan. Here are some nice top-cash-loans that you can simply consider if you need the money while having the bad credit.

The first option that you can try is to get the loan from your family or friends. Basically, this one is the best option that you can get. That is because any of your family or friend will never think about the bad credit that you have. However, your current reputation might be in trouble if you ask for some help to your family or friends. As an addition to that, the number that you can get from them is considerably limited so that you might not be able to ask for a lot of money to loan from them. The second option is to get the online loan. For your information, there are a lot of online sources where you

Latest Suit Designs

Latest Suit DesignsThe Pakistani gathering dresses are wonderful and are constantly composed by our celebrated and surely understood style planners of Pakistan .These style architects have assumed the lead part in changing the destiny of Pakistani design industry .Over the long haul, the style business is ascending high and high due to the endeavors and diligent work of our style originators .These style originators of Pakistan have done right by us of them .Notwithstanding this , they have additionally give us a certainty to move with elegancy in people in general, in the gatherings and in any event .By wearing pleasantly and decently planned outfits, we feel pride in ourselves and joy from inside .

  • Most recent style of Pakistani Gathering dresses in 2016:

Presently, most recent and new changing have additionally been touched base in the design business .Presently, latest suit designs includes fashioner’s gowns like umbrella dresses, carrier dresses, anarkali gowns are getting distinction in our nation .So style of wearing short shirts with plazo is likewise motel in the weddings and diverse gatherings .

  • Importance of Pakistani Media in shopping:

Are You Choosing The Right Diamond

You have to ask yourself this question irrespective of the choice of ring that you make. A round brilliant cut diamond is a great choice for an engagement ring or a wedding gift that your partner is likely to cherish for a lifetime. However, choosing the right diamond is not easy. Diamond is not just any other stone. It is the precious stone that looks absolutely stunning on any one, irrespective of their age.

To top it all, a round brilliant cut diamond has a shine that is absolutely mesmerising. A round stone comes in a shape and cut that enhances the cut as well as clarity of the stone. The enchanting awe of the round brilliant cut diamond adds an ethereal glow to the ornaments. Sounds so beautiful, doesn’t it?

Well, the only challenge is that all this happens if you manage to choose the right diamond. From certification to examining cut and clarity, the check list for diamonds is huge. You need to be patient and we promise you that it will pay off when you get those truckload of compliments for the pretty stone that shines in your jewelry.

So, here is how to choose a great diamond:

Avoid buying the

The Amber Beads Are Known to be Great Teething Necklaces

There are various kinds of amber that are available in huge number all around the world. Due to its beautiful color and various shapes that such stones are available. Such a stone turns out to be a great jewelry option among the people. But it is often seen that other than the jewelry made with the help of the amber some of the mother swears by them as teething necklaces. But it is a common question that usually arises is whether the beads that are made with the amber can be used as a teething necklace or not and if it is safe at the same time!

The theory behind using amber as teething necklace:

If you have a baby who is struggling with the teeth then it is important to note that they will need something that will help them in teething. The best thing that can help them in the teething process is the amber beads that are found in the market. But like every other worried mom you too might question whether they are safe are not or how do they help. The scientific theory behind the amber beads necklace being used as a teething necklace is that when

Tips To Consider When Engaging The Services For Fast Jewelry Repair

Irrespective of the fact, how sturdy and durable your jewelry is, there are bound to be times, when you would need some repair work to be done to your jewelry. The extent of repairs can either be small or big, but it is imperative that this repairing work should be done by a jeweler who is really good at his job. It has been seen that when you buy cheap wedding rings Las Vegas or any other cheap jewelry, the amount of money you have to spend on jewelry repair Las Vegas increases. But if you are able to find an economical yet fast jewelry repairs service, your cost of repairing can come down greatly.

Some of the factors which one should look out for when trying to find a good and fast jewelry repair service are as follows:


This is the most important factor which one has to take into account when giving their jewelry for jewelry repair Las Vegas. In order to know which jewelry is trustworthy, you need to find out about the reputation of the jeweler. You can talk to your friends and other family members and find out about the jewelers they send their jewelry to for